The story of Brother Son begins with four unlikely friends of disparate musical tastes and backgrounds uniting over a shared love of Alabama Shakes, The Strokes, and Mac DeMarco. Their music reflects this, bringing a unique blend of bluesy soul and jazzy smoothness to indie rock. And so they began in early 2017 with their debut EP Young & Pretty, the first order of business being to play as many shows in as many midwestern cities as they could. Rising quickly to local prominence, by the end of that year they began headlining and selling out shows at venues like El Club, The Shelter, and The Loving Touch. Now, with a tour under their belts as well, they’ve been gearing up to release their second LP, Goodies, with even more tucked away for a third project slated for early 2020. With all that locked and loaded, their next move will be east and west coast tours this summer.

Brother Son


Chris Percorelli and Francis Harrington worked at Westborn Deli and started playing music together. Soon after, Chris invited childhood friend, Jimmy Walkup, to come play. The two had known each other since they were in diapers. Finally, Drew Gijsbers was added to the group, who Francis and Chris knew from high school and thus Brother Son was born.


Their audience is steadily snowballing bigger. They have headlined and sold out shows at venues such as, El Club, The Shelter, and The Loving Touch. In terms of their growth as musicians, they are getting better by simply playing often. Lead vocalist and guitar player, Francis Harrington says “our songs are becoming more intricate, the parts that we write are becoming more impressive, and we’re just becoming tighter and closer as a band.”

Fun facts

Frank has Webbed toes

Drew has two different-colored eyes

Jimmy and Chris’ Dads played in a band together

The band lives together and has two cats