Indiana’s Stay Outside make explosive, driving indie rock. Formed in 2016, childhood friends Aaron Becker (Guitar/Vocals) and Garrett Johnston (Guitar) forged an upbeat and hopeful indie rock sound influenced by alt-rock greats such as The Killers, Manchester Orchestra, or Kings of Leon.

In 2016 Stay Outside released their debut album, Okay For Now. With the addition of Sean West (Bass) and Noah Mitchener (Drums), Stay Outside has been making waves throughout the heartland captivating audiences with compelling live performances and thoroughly honest songwriting.

Their latest EP, Bottle Rocket, was released in 2018 and features the fan favorite, “All the way down” which has inspired triumphant and dizzyingly beautiful remixes. Thank you, guys, for making the trip to Detroit… we can’t wait to sing with you!

A chat with Stay Outside

How and when did your band start?

We’ve all been friends for over 10 years. Most of us met in Junior High in band class. We started playing music together then. We started Stay Outside together in 2016!

What are the band’s biggest musical influences?

Manchester Orchestra, Local Natives, The Killers, Kings of Leon

How has your music changed over the years?

We started with a more “emo” influenced sound and have since grown to enjoy more surf and indie rock.

How have you grown as a band and how has your following grown?

We started playing shows to very few people touring in our 93’ conversion van. We’ve since had the oppurtunity to meet tons of amazing places and play in some awesome venues around the U.S.

Do you have an upcoming projects or plans?

We’ll have a new single out at the end of the summer called “Overboard” paired with a couple new music videos.

How about some fun facts about the band?

Garrett is the band mechanic that constantly works on the van and keeps us from spending thousands of dollars getting it fixed. He also is a videographer that directed our music video for All the Way Down.

Aaron is a huge coffee snob. Working in coffee as a head barista while not on the road. The first thing we do in every city on tour is find the best coffee shop in every town.

Noah is the youngest member of Stay Outside. He started touring when he was 15 and has recently just turned 21!

The name “Stay Outside” was taken from a quote that David Bazan from Pedro the Lion said on a podcast. He was talking about living his life and working on his career outside of the way people expect him to.